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People often have a lot of questions when they are beginning to look for a therapist.

"Will this person be a good fit for me?

Are they personable?

Do they know what they're doing?

Whether you were urged to come by family or friends or have come because of problems and feelings only you know about, the decision to enter into therapy is undoubtedly a serious one, arrived at after considerable thought.

I strive to provide the best services to those who are seeking relief. I know that you're tired of scouring the internet and ready to find a therapist who gets it

My Office

It's important to feel comfortable in therapy, and that includes the therapist's office. That's why I've dedicated an entire page to give you a virtual tour of my office. 


Type 1 Diabetes

I understand what it's like to have to get up every few hours because you're concerned that your loved one's blood sugar will drop over night.  Do you have a giant computer screen with their blood sugar levels on the monitor 24/7.  

There is no special training that anyone short of a Endo nurse or a Endo can go through that will give you any specialty training.  

Living with it gives you the best education you can get.  I have this type of hands on experience. 

Do I understand Depression and Anxiety, Of Course!  But this is different and we both know it!


Anxiety is one of those things that affects us in so many ways.  It is good for taking a test but not so good when we can't sleep, eat, work or feel normal.  This is one of the topics that I love to learn about.  Every year I take continuing education courses in various topics.  Ones that I feel are important and serve you well.  Learning constantly about Anxiety and ways to cope so that you can function is important.  



Depression is one of those things that can be with us all the time or hit us at certain moments in our life.  Sometimes we have it because of what we are dealing with on a daily basis and sometimes it is genetic.  Thoughts of suicide or that your family would be better off without you.  All of these things are important to talk about.  I have completed many hours of training on top of my education.  I have completed many Adverse Childhood Experience surveys which look directly at depression and how it affects you especially when you are young.  I have participated in multiple suicide prevention campaigns with the county of San Diego.



There are many ways that you can work with trauma.  I have specialized in Trauma since I graduated.  I believe that anyone who has been through a horrible event can feel the effects of trauma.  There isn't one or two events that classify as being traumatic.  With that I have gone through extensive training in trauma and I am a Certified Trauma Professional.  I believe that everyone has various levels of baggage that we walk around with and that it is exhausting.

Education and Training

I bring to you years of education, clinical skills, personal knowledge, and continuing education so that I can provide the best service possible.

As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, my clinical focus has been crisis counseling, anxiety, depression, trauma.

I have worked in various clinical settings with adults (including victims of domestic violence and sexual assault), as well as adolescents and their families. I was also the program coordinator for Southern Indian Health Council.

I have also presented workshops for the Men’s and Women’s Wellness Conference and the YWCA for their domestic violence trainings.

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