You just feel so exhausted.

Getting out of bed feels like a job all by itself.

You don't want to see anyone.

You want to hibernate in your house. 

Nothing feels good anymore.

You've stopped enjoying the very things that you used to enjoy.

Or maybe you can't even remember what you used to enjoy because it feels like such a long time ago. 


Food and Exercise or lack there of

It seems like nothing makes you feel better.

You've already stopped going to the gym. You find yourself either unable to eat or overeating junk food, which feels good momentarily but only makes you feel worse as the day goes on.

Life does not have to look like this. 

You want more for yourself, but you just don't know how to get it. It seems like no one really understands what it truly feels like to be taken over by depression.

What Now?

Well I am here to say that you deserve better.

You deserve to feel better.

You deserve to have fulfilling relationships.

You have felt crappy for long enough. There's no need to keep going and punishing yourself. 

If you knew how to get out of this funk, you would have already done it by now. But the truth is, you don't even no where to start. Everything seems so overwhelming

No one wants to feel like crap every day. No one signed up for this to be their daily life.

Maybe something happened that pushed you over the edge.

Maybe you've felt this way for a long time, but other members of your family have struggled with Depression so now you feel like you have this life sentence too.

Medication vs. No Medication

Many people who struggle with depression don't want to go to therapy because they're afraid that they're going to be pressured into taking medication.

Although a combined approach of therapy and medication has been shown to be the most effective way to treat depression, I am not here to pressure you or try to convince you to take medication. It's your decision; I am only here to help educate you and give you any resources that would be helpful for you.

If you are considering medication, I work closely with a number of local physicians and would be more than happy to refer you to a doctor who can help you. Not only that, but I will personally coordinate your treatment with your physician to ensure that you get the best treatment possible.

You can do this. And I want to help.

Schedule an appointment and let's work together to get you feeling like yourself again.